The Sweet Life

Sureka is a co-branding concept to futurize positive attitudes towards sustainable lifestyle change. We create showcases and platforms connecting food, health and lifestyle innovators all around the world.

About Sureka

We create inter-generational bonds through a new taste movement, targeting love, caring, and curiosity.

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Sureka’s Mission

We are facilitating a better taste of life for people and the planet:

  • For the ingredient producer: closer to market, more control over ingredient benefits
  • For the artisan: create more, sell more, earn more
  • For the consumer: more premium, more fun, more taste.

Meet our partners

Inspiration for your Sureka journey

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The New sweets

Thank you to Chef Carlos Moreno and team from the Restaurant Dexcaro Dénia in Costa Blanca, Spain whom are experimenting with sugar reduced cuisine!

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