The Sureka way

We are a brand for premium lifestyle. With sugar-reduced chocolates as a start, we create new content and experience through communication and e-commerce. The Sureka way is to: 

  • Build inter-generational bonds through a new taste culture movement.
  • Target love, caring, and curiosity of individuals who are ready for real change.

Brand story

From stevia to lifestyle

The Early days

Sureka concept owner and developer Lucy Dahlgren started the idea of Sureka 2006 when she got to know how the natural plant extract Stevia can be used to replace sugar in food and beverages. Since then, Lucy has been dedicated to innovate sugar replacement solutions together with food and lifestyle experts in Asia and Europe. To organise B2B sales of plant-based sugar replacers, Lucy founded the company Bayn Europe ABas an independent sugar reduction company for food producers. In 2014, she led Bayn Europe to Nasdaq in Stockholm to create broader awareness among investors and the general public, and to create an  M&A platform for brand and business owners in the Sugar reduction industry.

THiS Less-is-more Group

Lucy Dahlgren started THiS Coop 2018 to support health entrepreneurs with competence driven capital. This work was guided by the world’s first intellectual capital professor Leif Edvinsson, and developed into a public holding company THiS Group AB for M&A of health entrepreneurs. By 2020, Lucy left Bayn Europe AB, which had been driven too much and too far by financial concepts. As an alternative to just focusing on sugar replacement ingredients and B2B markets, Lucy restarted Sureka as a co-branding lifestyle brand under THiS Group.



Start marketing and production

In 2022 sponsorship agreements with Swedish Table Tennis and Swedish Surfing associations were settled, enabling the Sureka brand to enter the World Cup and European cup of table tennis. Since July 2022, Sureka is on both associations’ websites and visual material like nation uniforms and social media. At the same time, Sureka – “taste for life” started to work with the world biggest chocolate base/ingredient manufactory Barry Callebaut to assure quality and supply reliability.

“The background of being able to work with Barry Callebaut was the relation I have built with Barry Callebaut in 2011 when I and my Bayn scientist team develop chocolate base with plant-based sugar replacement. We built a strong relationship through knowledge and know-how sharing to replace the added sugar in chocolate”

Lucy Dahlgren

High-end pralines as catalyst

Barry Callebaut shared Sureka’s co-branding concept and recommended the initial product to the famous artisan and chef Jan Hedh, to develop hand-made pralines with the Sureka chocolate base. Jan Hedh is one of Sweden’s most beloved chocolate artisan and master baker. He is internationally recognised, making guest lecturing in restaurants, cruise ships and patisseries all over the world. Jan has been a judge in the world championship in pastry industry, and has won many international prestigious awards and published a long series of best-selling books in sweets and pastry. 

Interaction Model

THiS ecosystem integration

The “Sureka Life” app and other parts of the Sureka brand will interact with other activities, products, and services operated by THiS Group’s subsidiaries’; e.g., the social marketing portal THiSLIV, the health and wellbeing store Karuu Store and the business portal THiSCOOP.
This will create synergies and emergent activities within the THiS ecosystem, where the Sureka app and products can be accessible at multiple online and offline locations. Sureka will also be able to use tools and data originating from other parts of the THiS ecosystem.

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We create inter-generational bonds through a new taste movement, targeting love, caring, and curiosity.

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