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For decades ‘snack’ has been synonymous with ‘sinful’ – often indulgent with a lot of sugar, usually unhealthy, always a poor substitute for ‘proper’ food. Not any more. We investigate snack food innovation that is re-writing the rules, creating snack foods that are sugar reduced nutrient-rich, time saving and – they claim – life enhancing.


Thinking big

From virtual reality to social engagement for sugar reduction. How to win the minds of the increasingly demanding consumer.

SUREKA event is intended to communicate SUREKA solution to public, with target group of teens, students and healthy life style segments. The event theme is conducted by SUREKA store, in cooperation with Gävle university. All event will be documented and communicated. 

DIY course

SUREKA DIY (Do It Yourself) course targets at various groups with the aim of demonstrating the rewarding taste experience that can be combined with a healthy lifestyle. These workshops in sugar reduction and its health benefits are under the pedagogic guidance of taste and confectionery expert.

Targeting group

  • 4-6 year old
  • 6-10 year old
  • 11-17 teen age 
  • Family and friend event
  • Company team building event
  • Professional workshop

DIY course program:

  • SUREKA standard chocolate course
  • SUREKA standard ice cream course
  • SUREKA standard candy course
  • SUREKA standard bakery course

SUREKA® chocolate Course 

 SUREKA no-added-sugar chocolate courses bring chocolate lovers to a whole new level of sophistication. Join us for a couple of hours of Uuummmmm! without added sugar!

Our aim is to give the participants an in-depth understanding of the role of sugar in chocolate and what the available alternative ingredients are. We will discuss the technical challenges involved in removing sugar from chocolate and best ingredient solutions to use to overcome these challenges. 

Sugar reduction is for everyone so we have room for everyone at the SUREKA Studio. The courses can be tailor made to suit the requirements and capabilities of the participants, be it birthday parties, expectant mothers, company events or simply a group of the curious. Participants will have hands-on practical experience in making their own tasty and health sugar reduced products. 

Standard chocolate course offerings

 Chocolate Nibs – Children ages 4-6 

Pure hands on no-added-sugar-chocolate fun! Your kids will hear stories about chocolate tales without added sugar, taste no added sugar chocolate, play games with no-added-sugar chocolate, make art with chocolate and see the creation of chocolate from cocoa powder to yummy tablet!  


Chocolate – with or without sugar and other ingredients – fun tales

Chocolate finger painting

Dipping/coating marzipan figures, caramels, raisons etc. in chocolate

Decorating chocolate tablets

Participants will receive a gift box, with their own no added sugar creation, to bring home.

Length of course: 45 minutes 



 Cocoa Power – Children ages 6-10

Let’s learn about chocolate – without added sugar! Your kids will have hands-on experience in the chocolate making process with documented healthy sugar alternatives. Roll up your sleeves; it is time to temper some chocolate without sugar the old fashioned way! 


Questions we examine:

  • What’s in my chocolate bar? 
  • How chocolate is made?
  • What is sugar?
  • Why do we have sugar in chocolate?
  • What happens when we take sugar out of chocolate?
  • How do we make chocolate without sugar and taste yummy?

Tempering on marble slabs

Shapes/Molding and Chocolate lollipops

Marzipan and chocolate figure art

Tasting games and awards 

Decorating creations

Participants will receive a gift box, with their own no added sugar chocolate and marzipan creation (250-500g) to bring home.

Length of course: 60 minutes


 Teen Chocolate – ages 11-17

Masters of the art of chocolate. These youths will make chocolate creations with chocolate they have tempered themselves!


History of chocolate

What is the role of sugar in chocolate?

Why we should remove the sugar from chocolate?

How do we do it, what are the alternatives? 

A five min animated film and story telling to know what is chicory root and stevia:

  • Where they come from?
  • How they differ from sugar?
  • Why we use them?

Tempering on a marble slab

Working with truffles, dipping and molding

Chocolate /Marzipan creations

Length of course: 90 minutes.


Chocolate when expecting 

 Start your sugar reduced food journey with us. Get an introduction to no-added-sugar chocolate making techniques used to make delicious treats. Enjoy an evening or morning mamma group of chocolate making and tasting. Hear about the history of chocolate. Learn about the cocoa bean and the health benefits of this fascinating fruit. We will examine the role of sugar in chocolate. Why we should remove it. What the available alternatives are. We will present chicory roots and stevia – where they are from and how they differ from sugar. Then you can try your hand at tempering chocolate, making a chocolate filling, or creating healthy family indulgences from chocolate with no-added-sugar! 


Chocolate Lecture

What is the role of sugar in chocolate?

Why we should remove the sugar from chocolate

How do we do it? 

Chicory root and Stevia vs Sugar

Tempering on marble slabs

Choose your project:

• Truffles.


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