Is your product in need for a cultural boost? 

Co-branding with Sureka

Reduce, replace and eliminate sugars for a healthier diet and to avoid cancer, diabetes and obesity amongst others. 

To secure a premium identity for Sureka, we will start with subscriptions of high-end pralines and connect these with famous artisans, master chefs/gastronomers, and sports personalities. Thereafter, the Sureka Sugar Replacement Solution will be able to tap into other kinds of creative industries, such as fashion and music, as well as to the health and wellbeing industries.

From red to blue ocean

The “Blue Ocean” Strategy 

Our marketing strategy is based on four pillars:

  1. Explore untapped potential: Sureka is the social innovation platform for healthy sugar replacement
  2. Position brand identity: be the voice and engine for doing good and generating action
  3. Position buyers’ perspectives: connect the creative dots around the world, through sports, music and fashion
  4. Interaction and cross-selling: initiate real action through Karuu Store e-commerce and THiSLIV communication.

Our service

Sureka will take on the responsibility of volume production and content marketing. That is, online we will connect your brand and products with the consumer’s willingness to lifestyle change, and at artisan stores the “Sureka butterfly” will help to form a complete consumer experience.

Sustainable effects

The effects of the blue ocean marking strategy is different from the standard “red ocean” strategy employed by most food and beverage giant brands today.

Sureka will transform how health brands and health ingredients are produced, marketed, and used around the world.

Current activities

Our partners and suppliers

Sureka is more than a product brand, it is an alliance of gastronomists and and other health setters. We are working with some of the largest chocolate ingredient supplier is the world. We are also working with local SMEs and individual artisans, and with non-profit organisations committed to health and wellbeing.
Currently co-branding cocoa chocolate products for the F&B industry made by Barry Callebaut and used by top gastronomists across Europe like vegan Chef Luz Angela’s Kitchen in Spain.
Surekas chocolate base formula is produced by Barry Callebaut with benefit claims of “no added sugar, sugar replaced with plant-based ingredient, low calorie, high fibre (prebiotic in some Asian countries), and no laxative”. This chocolate base can be used in confectionery, ice cream, pastry, beverages, desserts, etc., and it is perfected for chocolate artistry.

“Sureka inside” Hedh-Escalante Pralines 

A first showcase of our e-subscription is with the chocolate artisan Hedh-Escalante who produces pralines for the high-end market.

To produce the Sureka chocolate base, a minimum order of 10 tons per batch is needed to cover the wash-off production line costs. So, compared to sugar-based solutions, Sureka chocolate base with healthier ingredients is more expensive. Moreover, communicating ingredients to consumers can be complex and costly, causing higher risks for distributors and artisans.

Therefore, Sureka will take on the responsibility of volume production and content marketing. We will connect the consumer’s willingness to buy a new taste and new experiences offered with the Sureka culture brand.

Pricing and subscription strategy

The subscription service is designed with a price strategy called “Entry price point premium” which is a strategy suitable for the beginning of the premium segment and makes it possible to adjust prices up and down without the risk of out-pricing us from the market. This strategy is also good for artisans and resellers who enter a competitive market.

Co-brand product:

Hedh Escalante praline, Malmö Sweden

15pcs/box, 5 Swedish tastes:

Raspberry, Hazelnut Caramel, Salted Liquorice, Champagne, Lemon

Ordinary retail price

249 kr/box (with sugar chocolate base)

Recommended Sureka inside praline

269kr/box (215 kr without VAT)

Subscription targets
100,000 subscribers in EU and Asia

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