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Today, I thank the Galen talented Carlos Morenofrom Dexcaro Dénia for the interest in gastronomic sugar reduction with SUREKA! and the motivation to create and inspire both healthier customers and high quality cuisine in their kitchens. 

I’m building a passionate network starting from Chef Angelas Kitchen with the help of like minded professionals. Very excited to introduce Stockholm based Sureka, a cocoa based sugar reductor & Gastro vehicle made by our world famous manufacturing partner Barry Callebaut .

This will be An alliance of gastronomists and establishments that are genuinely motivated and inspired to serve added value and healthier cuisine. Are you keen on learning more! Get in touch for a personal private chef experience or visit our network of professionals! THiS Coop Lucy Dahlgren Sureka …

Yet another SUREKA creation in process by Chef Luz Angela’s Kitchen . In a Dark Chocolate made by Barry Callebaut matched with a great Spanish Verdejo for another focus group keen on finding out about this revolutionary sugar reduction/elimination taste. Exciting co-branding opportunities for foods, drinks and complements that wish to replace sugars in the future. Stay tuned.


Thank you Chef Angelas Kitchen for such amazing plant based creations that are now also reduced in sugars with a healthier alternative called Sureka!

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